Introduction to Limited Liability Partnership 

LLP basically stands for Limited Liability Partnership in which partners have their personal liabilities and no one is liable to pay another person liability. Nowadays, LLP is the topmost choice or a priority for the Limited Liability Partnership Company’s registration for entrepreneurs.

As we all know that every kind of business is growing at the fastest pace so there is a need to set a hybrid between two organizations. So that’s why the concept of limited liability partnership emerged which incorporates the benefits of both of the companies as well as Partnerships. 

Benefits of Limited Liability Partnership Registration in India

The registration of LLP offers a number of benefits to business partners of which some are mentioned below:

  • No partner is liable to pay on behalf of the other’s partner misconduct or negligence.
  • Easy to form, dissolve, and transfer ownership.
  • No frequent audits.
  • Less intervention and limitations.
  • Personal assets of the partners are kept safe.

Documents Required for LLP Registration

The documents required for Limited Liability Partnership Registration in India is different for the partners or for the office as well like;

Documents for Partners

These are the documents of the partners which are required for Limited Liability Partnership Registration like;

  • ID Proof/PAN Card of the Partners.
  • PartnersResidence Proof.
  • Photographs.
  • In the case of NRIsPassport is required.

Documents of Registered Office

Only two documents are required of the registered office as;

  • Address proof of the registered office.
  • DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

There are many online business platforms that have come into existence of this online world to help the people in this registration of LLP but, Tradenfill is the different one as compared to all of them. It’s expert advice or their services are so easy and quick and that are at very reasonable prices only.

Here are the steps of registration of Limited Liability Partnership by Tradenfill like;

  • Obtain a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).
  • Apply for DIN.
  • Name Reservation.
  • Incorporation of LLP.
  • File LLP Agreement.

All of this process of LLP registration takes approximately 15 days from obtaining DSC to Filing agreement, subject to the availability of the documents.





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