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Copyright is a kind of Intellectual Property Rights like Trademark and many more other things. It is enrolled under Copyright Act 1957. A Copyright is a legal right given by the Government to the owner of Literary, Dramatic, Musical and Artistic work. This Copyright Registration gives relief to the owner that his Intellectual Property is protected. It includes different kinds of rights. It is also transferrable.

Copyright Registration

Reasons and Benefits  

There are many reasons behind to register under the Copyrights like;

  • Legal Protection
  • Branding or Goodwill
  • Global Protection
  • Restricts Unauthorized Reproduction
  • Creation of Asset

Details / Documents Required  

There are many of the necessary documents are required;

  • Personal Details of the Applicant
  • Nature of the Work / Business of the Applicant
  • Publication Date

Procedure of Copyright Registration

  1. Application for Registration is to be made on as prescribed in the first schedule to the Rules;
  2. For Registration of each work separate applications should be made;
  3. Each application should be escorted by the required fee mentioned in the second schedule to the Rules; and
  4. The applicant and advocate of the power of attorney should sign the applications which have been executed. The power of attorney is also signed by the party which is also accepted by the advocate. It should also be enclosed.
  5. This process takes the time of 30 days.

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