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Digital Signature is similar to a physical signature. It completely identifies the personality of any person. This signature is in electronic format. This signature is used for online transactions like Income Tax E-Filing, Company’s or LLP’s Incorporation, Filing Annual Return, E-Tenders, etc. There are three main types of Digital Signature Certificate:

  1. Class I: Used for securing email communication.
  2. Class II: Used for Company or LLP Incorporation, IT Return E-Filing and many more.
  3. Class III: Used mainly for E-Tendering and for participating in E-Auctions.

A Digital signature comes in the form of a USB E-Token, whereas the certificate of Digital Signature is stored in a USB drive and can be accessed through a computer to sign the documents electronically.

Digital Signature Certificate

Advantages of Digital Signature Certificate

There are many of the benefits of this Certificate like;

  • Reduced Cost and Time.
  • Data Integrity.
  • The authenticity of the documents.
  • Workflow Efficiency.
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Security.
  • Legal and Future Benefits.
  • Business Efficiency.

Documents Required for Digital Signature Certificate

There are many of the documents required for DSC like;

  1. Passport Size Photograph.
  2. Copy of PAN Card.
  3. Copy of Aadhar Card/Voter Identity Card.

Eligibility for DSC Registration

There is no limit on who could buy our certificates, people and organizations from India and outside India can buy our certificates, provided they meet our verification Guidelines. These are the application form which mentions below. You have to choose one appropriate form for this.

  1. Individuals
  2. Organization
  3. Foreign Individuals
  4. Foreign Organization
  5. Document Signer Certificate
  6. IET Certificates

Processing Ways for DSC Registration

We have three different verification methods to getting the DSC. The applicant can choose the method they prefer.

  1. Traditional
  2. Paperless DSC
  3. GST Verification Based DSC

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