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ESI basically stands for Employee State Insurance. It is self-financial social security and health insurance for the Indian Employees. Those employees who are earning Rs 15,000 or less per month as wages then the employer will contribute 4.75% and the employee will contribute 1.75% towards ESI. Tradenfill will help you get registration of ESI for your business.

Those companies who have 10 or more employees are required to be registered with Employee State Insurance Corporation. Those organizations having ESI Registrations must then file ESI returns. ESI Returns are due half-yearly. Tradenfill can help file ESI Returns for your business.


Documents Required for ESI Return

The following documents must be maintained regularly for filing ESI returns.

  1. Attendance register.
  2. Register for Form 6.
  3. Register of wages.
  4. Register of any accidents on the premises.
  5. Inspection book.
  6. Monthly challans and returns submitted for ESI.

Due Date of ESI Payment and Return

ESI Payment:

  1. ESI is required to pay on a monthly basis.
  2. ESI contribution required to pay 15th of the next month.

ESI Return

  1. ESI Return is required to file on a half-yearly basis.
  2. ESI return is required to file on or before 11th Nov and 11th May.

Basic Features of ESI

These are the basic features of ESI like;

  1. Medical Benefits
  2. Disability Benefit
  3. Maternity Benefit
  4. Sickness Benefit
  5. Unemployment Allowances
  6. Dependent’s Benefits
  7. Administer’s the ESI Scheme

Procedure of ESI Return Filling

These are some steps mentioned in the process of ESI Return:

Step 1: – Use the login credentials to Log into the ESIC Online portal located to

Step 2: – On Employer Dashboard, a list of actions is displayed to which a number of changes can be made to the existing records like additions of new employee records, reporting the accident, other expenses, etc. For filing monthly return locate to ‘File Monthly Return’ option.

Step 3: – After updating employee details like payment records, inspection records, attendance, etc., Enter bank details and click on Submit to file your monthly ESI contribution.

Step 4: – On successful payment of return, a challan for the made transaction is generated which can be downloaded by clicking on the Download Challan button.

If you don’t file an ESI Return then you can pay the penalties for not filing ESI Returns like;

  1. Any violation of the provision of the act will lead to imprisonment up to 2 years & fine up to Rs.5000.
  2. Continuous violation of the act will lead to imprisonment up to 5 years & fine up to Rs.25000.
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