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E-Way bill stands for Electronic Way Bill for the movement of goods. GST E-Way Bill is a document for tracking of goods in transit introduced under the Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017.

E-Way bill can also be generated or canceled through SMS and Android App. When an E-Way Bill is created, a unique E-way bill number (EBN) is allocated and is available to the supplier, receiver and transporter.


E-Way Bill Requirements

GST E-Way Bill is necessary for the following cases like;

  1. E-Way Bill is generated whenever your goods consignment is over Rs 50,000, in some states it’s limit is 1,00,000 (Eg. Delhi, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, and West Bengal) and in Bihar, the limit of E-way bill is 2,00,000.
  2. If the goods in one godown are transferred to another godown, then, in that case, GST E-Way Bill is generated.
  3. If a taxable person under GST purchases any goods from an unregistered person who comes under GST and the value of the consignment is over Rs 50,000 then GST E-way bill should be generated.

Documents Required to Generate Bill

There are many of the necessary documents are required to generate the E-Way Bill like;

  1. Invoice/ Bill of Supply/ Challan of the consignment of goods.
  2. Transporter ID or Vehicle number of the Transport by road.
  3. Required Transport ID, Transport Document Number and Date on the Document.
  4. Transport could be rail, air, or ship.

There are three kinds of persons who can generate E-Way Bill like;

  1. Registered Person
  2. Unregistered Person
  3. Transporter

Many of the cases when E-way bill is not required. Here are some points like;

  1. The mode of transport is a non-motor vehicle.
  2. Goods transported under Customs supervision or customs seal.
  3. Goods being transported by railway where the Consignor of goods is the Central Government, State Governments or local authority.
  4. Goods specified as exempt from E-Way bill requirements in the respective State/Union territory GST Rules.

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