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There is no issue if Income Tax Notices are sent by the Income Tax Department. It can usually send for various reasons like not filing Income Tax Notice, there is no reason to be frightened. However, the Taxpayer concentrates on the nature of the notice, the requestor order in the notice and take steps accordingly.

Tradenfill provides an extensive range of services for families and businesses to help them maintain their Tax Compliance and more. In case, if you received any kind of Income Tax Notice then the Income Tax experts of Tradenfill will always be there for you to better understand these problems and define a course of action. You can easy to inform us and mail the particular copy of that notice at

Income tax notice

Reasons Behind to Got a Notice

There are many reasons behind to receive a notice from the Income Tax Department like;

  • Forget to file Return
  • Return not furnish on time
  • Tax Credit Mismatch
  • Non-Disclosure of Income
  • Non- Disclosure of Assets
  • High-Value Transactions
  • Investment in the name of Spouse or parents
  • Wrong Information in Return
  • Fake Deductions
  • For casual checking

Actions Should Take After Receiving Notice

It should be repeated here that you don’t take any stress after receiving the notice from the Income Tax Department. You must never ignore any kind of notice which you received from there. It should be handled in a very systematic manner. If you don’t reply to that in a particular manner then you have to pay for this.

After receiving that notice you should do the following: –

  • Confirm Personal Details
  • Confirm Details of the Sender
  • Understand
  • Keep the Envelope
  • Make Copies
  • Check Validity
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