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PSARA stands for Private Security Agencies Regulations Act. It is the regulatory act for private security agencies that operate in India. PSARA License is a mandatory requirement to start the business of private security agencies in India.

This act legislated in the year 2005 which covers the formation, operation, regulation, and disqualification of private security agencies in India. The scope of PSARA permit is limited to a single state instead of a single license with nationwide coverage. The aspirants need to obtain a permit from the state controlling authority of the concerned state.


Eligibility of Private Security License

The eligibility to obtain Private Security License is mentioned under the PSARA License Act 2005. According to the act, the following entities are eligible to receive a license.

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. Partnership Firm
  3. One Person Company
  4. Private Limited Company

Documents Required for Private Security License

There are many of the important documents are required like;

  • Allotment of PAN.
  • Registration with the service tax department.
  • Establishment Registration under Shops & Establishment.
  • ESI Registration.
  • Registration of Provident fund (PF).
  • Registration under the Contractual labor Act.
  • Affidavit of security training.
  • Ownership proof for the place of business.
  • Detailed armed licenses.
  • Character certificate for the employees.
  • Uniform Pattern.

All Below documents should be in proper format and shall have to be notarized

  • Affidavit as per Act.
  • Logo for the security agency.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Fees for PSARA license.

Rules and regulation under PSARA to regulate the license

There are many of the rules and regulations which comes under PSARA to regulate the License.

  • All the security agencies are required to hire and engage supervisors to supervise the work of security guards they have appointed or debuted in the other organization.
  • Such a security agency is required to train its people with the necessary training and skills.
  • Ex-Defense personals with three years of experience should be given preference over others.
  • The PSARA has expressly provided the criteria, qualification, and disqualification for a security guard to be followed.
  • The Act covers the eyesight, health condition as well as about the uniform of the persons to be employed as a security guard.

The PSARA License is valid for five years only from the date of the registration except for the states Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand Because in both of states it is valid for one year only.

And, the license can be renewed 90 days before the date of expiry.

Procedure of PSARA License

The process of PSARA License is as follows:

  1. Required Documents.
  2. MOU with training institute.
  3. Police Verification.
  4. Application Filing.
  5. Time for issue of PSARA.
  6. Conditions of PSARA License (Like Academic Qualifications).
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