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The registered office of a company is an address that is displayed next to the company name for the general public, shareholders and customers’ point of view. It is a principal place for the business activities of any business. The place of the registered office of the company is to be decided by the promoters of that company. The registered place of the business need not be the commercial establishment, it can be home as well.

Registered Office Change

Reasons to have Register for an Office

There are many reasons to have Registered for a place of the company:

  1. For receiving documents, official letters and reminders by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other authorities.
  2. Forgoing on the activities of the business.
  3. For maintenance of books of accounts.
  4. For determining the domicile of a company.

Various Mode of Change in a registered place of a company

There is the various mode of change of registered place of a company. These modes are:

  1. Change in a registered office from one place to another in the same .city, town or village.
  2. Change in the registered office to a place outside the local limits of existing place but within the jurisdiction of the same registrar within the same state.
  3. Change in the registered office to a place from one jurisdiction of the registrar to another registrar in the same state.
  4. Change in a registered place from one state to another.

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